LIVE BLOG: Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France (Day Three)

The third day of wrestling at the #WrestleNice Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France is headlined by rNugzari TSURTSUMIA (GEO), the reigning world champion at 55g. 

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Katagiri Repeats All-Japan Victory Over Young Rival, Now Teammate Shiotani for Greco 55kg Title

Facing the same opponent that he soundly beat in the final last year and prevented from posting a historic win, Hiromu KATAGIRI was dominant again. Read more

World Cadet Champion Ozaki Comes of Age with Japan Senior Title at 62kg

A year ago, two-time reigning world cadet champion Nonoka OZAKI qualified to appear at the senior All-Japan Championships with a victory at the National Games, but was too young to participate. Read more